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 At Turner Plumbing we are fully qualified Gas Servicing Technicians.

We recommend servicing your gas applicances every two years if being used in a residential environment and at 6 month intervals if commercially used. 

Gas Servicing is recommended to maximise the effiency and minimise the chances of a breakdown with the gas appliance, thus in hand also improves the safety of the appliance.

Gas Servicing involves - 

  • Cleaning the burner of the appliance
  • Testing its safety devices including the thermocouple
  • Checking the burner pressure and working pressure
  • Cleaning the pilot tube
In most cases the gas pressure test is performed in order to check that there is no current gas leaks present 

Portable Gas Heaters should be serviced every 12 months as they are a flue-less appliance they can be a source of dangerin regards to carbon monoxide.

Gas Servicing is a relatively fast operation, so our qualified Technician will be in and out your home or business in no time to minimise disrubtion to the use of your gas appliance.

For all Gas Servicing enquiries please phone 0432 271 864 or (08) 6406 2588